The Keys to Marketing in 2018

The only thing that doesn’t seem to change in the world of online marketing is that everything changes with the speed of light. Just when you adjust to one model, a new one emerges, or the rules change completely. And, if you are not quick to react and do things differently, you will find that what worked in the recent…

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Marketing For Small Business | Colby Almond Blog

Marketing Small Businesses on a Budget

You own a small business and you are trying to build it. You are earning enough to keep going, but it is still early, and there isn’t a lot of extra money for marketing after you pay bills and reinvest in the business. You know, though, that marketing is critical to helping the business grow. Sound familiar? It should, because…

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Facebook Marketing Tips For Everyone

Facebook can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool for your business. Many business owners, however, just cannot seem to get their Facebook marketing to take off. Of course, every business is different and has different marketing goals and objectives, but each one can benefit from properly implementing a Facebook marketing plan.  If you are one of them, and you are…

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